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Church Windows


The windows at Cleveland Heights add a wonderful beauty and reverence to our sanctuary.  The windows are constructed with pieces of faceted glass separated by mortar.  Faceted glass is much thicker than traditional stained glass and generally has a deeper color than stained glass when illuminated by sunlight.  Individual glass pieces are chiseled into the desired shapes to create the windows. 


The faceted glass windows in the chancel were installed when the sanctuary was constructed in 1960.  However, the twelve windows in the nave and three windows in the choir loft were installed in 1980 as memorials to church members and friends.  The windows were designed and constructed by Dr. Rudolph Sandon of Little Valley, NY.


The six side chancel windows consist of faceted glass set in random patterns.  There are twelve windows in the nave of the church, one for each of the 12 disciples.  Each window also has a religious theme.  

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